Erupting Volcanoes!

In the Kindergarten Program, we dedicated the months of January and February to exploring the immense topic of Geology. For a couple of weeks we got to focus on the fascinating natural phenomena of volcanic eruptions. In one hands-on activity, each child was given the opportunity to create their very own "eruption" using a few household items. We started mixing together baking soda, salt, and red food coloring in a cup. Next, we added a squirt or two of dish liquid to the top of the mix. To mimic the shape of a volcanic mountain, a party hat with the top cut off was placed over the cup. The last step was to pour in the vinegar and watch the eruption!


Play-Doh Tree Faces

Before April Vacation, all of the teachers attended a really cool workshop that explored different ways to reconnect children with nature. One of the activities that we thought the kids would love involved bringing a bunch of play-doh outside and using it to create faces on the trees. They were told to gather any natural supplies they could find around the trees to use as their face's features. This activity really brings out the kid's creative sides while also letting them explore nature.