Snow Painting

Although we were hoping for the first day of spring to actually feel like spring, there's still snow on the ground. And because we can't control the weather, we decided to celebrate the most recent snowfall by painting it! The vibrant colors that were splattered all over the snow made it easier to look at and the kids had a blast covering every inch that they could. Cheers to the first day of spring!

Upper Falls Mural

We've been wanting to brighten up the back hallway at Upper Falls for some time now, and finally decided on creating a mural. Jesse and Edward thought that it would be cool to create a large map of the surrounding neighborhood. Edward sketched out the design, and then had the kids help him tape the outlines of it. Last week they were finally able to get to the fun part and start painting! We made some smocks out of trash bags to keep their clothes clean and began working on the streets. Take a look at some of the pictures we got and make sure to keep checking back to see the progress we've made!



Michael always joins us at Upper Falls during "K time" on Wednesdays and Fridays. We look forward to those two days because that means we get to head to the gym to practice our yoga! We've learned so many different poses since September like cream pose and airplane pose. He's even taught us a cool game called pass the pulse, which helps us focus and work on our concentration. Our favorite thing to do right now is putting our hands down on the mats and our feet up against the wall to create a tunnel! We each get to take turns crawling through it while the rest of the group works on strengthening their cores and upper bodies. Michael also teaches yoga to the 1st-5th grade at the school site. Because they're older, he's been teaching them more challenging poses like triangle and moon phase!

Here are some pictures that were taken from both sites!