Charity Craft Fair

The Charity Craft Fair in early 2017 was so successful and meaningful, that one of our own students requested holding another fundraiser to benefit Hurricane Maria victims.

Children at the school site began brainstorming various ideas on items to be made, and crafting them, in October of 2017. Some items were started by one student and completed by another, making this truly a group effort! Putting the Charity Craft Fair together took a lot of dedication on the part of these young children; working each week with Elif to create items that would attract enough buyers to raise substantial funds for families lacking electricity in Puerto Rico.

Patience and teamwork was exercised throughout the months; from creating crafts, and designing posters and display cases for the fair, to managing the cash register, sale of raffle tickets, and the collection of donations. Children encouraged not only their families, but their classroom teachers to attend the fair! Funds raised are very meaningful; the experience gained throughout the months from start to completion was very rewarding for all involved!



Wearable Wings

One of our creative first graders, Emma DiLorenzo, was crafting by herself during free time when she came up with the idea of making her own life-size pair of fairy wings. She started with a piece of poster board that she folded in half. Next, she traced out the design of one of the wings onto the paper. Keeping it folded in half, she cut out her design. When she opened up the paper she was left with a gorgeous pair of symmetrical wings. All that was left to do was add some color and tape elastic cord on the back to use as straps and she had become a fairy! We turned her craft into a real class the next day and she helped turn kids into butterflies, birds, dragons and even a pokemon! 


Erupting Volcanoes!

In the Kindergarten Program, we dedicated the months of January and February to exploring the immense topic of Geology. For a couple of weeks we got to focus on the fascinating natural phenomena of volcanic eruptions. In one hands-on activity, each child was given the opportunity to create their very own "eruption" using a few household items. We started mixing together baking soda, salt, and red food coloring in a cup. Next, we added a squirt or two of dish liquid to the top of the mix. To mimic the shape of a volcanic mountain, a party hat with the top cut off was placed over the cup. The last step was to pour in the vinegar and watch the eruption!