Welcome Our Kindergarten Families!

Your child’s entrance into kindergarten may seem like an adventure! With our collective efforts and communication, the process will be positive and rewarding. The afterschool environment is exciting and magical for the kindergarten age, especially.  The gym, playground and the spacious classroom provide plenty of elbow room and opportunities for exercise and tactile exploration. If you have not done so, enter our phone number into your cell phones, as you will undoubtedly need it at some point. Countryside Site: (617)-964-6958 Upper Falls Site: (617)-965-6434. If you have any concerns about, or changes to your child’s schedule please contact Glenn at gmaceachern@cccnewton.org or call the center at the appropriate number above.

It will be important for us to collectively monitor certain aspects of your child’s life at the center. The eating of lunch is very important.  There is a tendency for children to race through their lunches in order to get to “free time.” Although we monitor the lunchtime, please let us know if there are concerns with what is being eaten or omitted.  In addition, the maintenance of your child’s cubby/ locker is important. This responsibility will be with your child for years to come. We can spot and correct obvious breaches in orderliness but feel that the carrying and maintenance of their things should largely lie with the children. The riding of the bus is new to most of the children and can produce some anxiety.  By and large any anxiety about the bus transportation is quick to dissipate, and the excitement of attending the Center becomes the child’s focus. Please communicate any concerns early on as we will be diligent to correct them.

After lunchtime, the children decompress a bit and freely explore some of our resources. The room is open for tactile exploration such as Legos, Lincoln Logs, Marbleworks and our most popular- Magnatiles. The design of this toy is brilliant.  It provides building opportunities with a nearly perfect success rate. Its angles and shapes with magnetic cohesion always produce exciting structures. There is a “free draw” area open as well, which includes stencils, markers, tape, scissors and paper. This area is wonderful for creativity. 

The gym is open at this time as well for active exploration. The gym is a regulation basketball court, with ample space for all. The children can take out jump ropes, balls of many kinds including large exercise balls, scoop throwers, hula hoops and many more items. The children especially enjoy the padded hockey sticks, which are often used as pretend horses or electric guitars!

Outside time is very important as well. As we all proceed around the sun, we will need the proper dress to insure a comfortable outside time. Snow pants, boots, hats and gloves are a must and the children’s ability to dress themselves will very soon be being addressed. Your help is essential to making your children as independent as possible. Our playground is a wonderful resource especially in winter.

After the free time period is our enrichment time. Our enrichment time is based on themes. The themes that the kindergarten program explores are largely based on the world around us. We feel that broad explorations of outer space, geology, weather, animals and the temperate zones on planet Earth (forests, desert, rainforest etc.) are consistently popular with the kindergarteners. Another theme of ours is devoted to Planes, Trains and Automobiles! The children's fascination with machines that move and transport is insatiable. We will explore the variety, form, function and history of each. Their curiosity fuels these explorations and your support and encouragement is most helpful. The children are encouraged to take out library books on current themes and share any items of interest from home.

During the enrichment time there is a reading /discussion on the current theme as well as a time to share knowledge and ask questions.  In support of our monthly theme there is an active game or an art project that celebrates the concepts and content of the discussions.

We're all so excited to get to know each and every one of our new unique Kindergarteners and are eager to teach them all about the world around us!


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns to our Executive Director, Glenn MacEachern.