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Here is a collection of kindergarten-related questions. Feel free to contact us if you think of another!

When does CCC (Countryside Children's Center) begin?

CCC starts on the very first day of school. Some kindergarten children start on the first day of school and some do not. Please inform us, as soon as you know your child's schedule, on which day you want him/her to begin afterschool. 

How will my child get to the Kindergarten program at Upper Falls?

Your child will ride the bus from the Countryside or Angier Schools. Be sure to inform your child's classroom teacher, in writing, of his/her afterschool schedule, and which bus he/she will ride to CCC at Upper Falls. Be sure you have obtained a bus pass. This is from Newton Public Schools, NOT from CCC. Kindergarten children will be met by and removed from the bus by CCC staff. 

What happens during that tricky month of September?

Kindergarten A/B groupings do not begin until October. This means that all students will leave their Kindergarten classrooms at 12:30 each day during the month of September. Please advise us, in advance and in writing, if your child will need to add extra days/hours (other than those for which your child is already registered) during this month. As space allows, we will add extra hours to your child's schedule. You will be billed for these extra hours at the end of September. 

How do I go about picking up my child from CCC?

Whether your child is picked up at 3:30 or by 6:00, please come to the classroom on the first floor of our Upper Falls site. Use the main door in the middle of the parking lot. This door will be locked, so please knock or call (617) 965-6434. Your child must sign out on the clipboard EVERY DAY. If there is any change in your child's attendance or pick up at either site, please inform us in advance. We will not let your child go with anyone else unless we have already received notice from you. Call (617) 965-6434 with any and all changes in attendance and pick up, or email Joan at j_tanner00@msn.com.  

Does my child need to bring lunch?

Yes, your child needs to bring lunch to CCC every day, all year! We ask that families do not send in peanut butter or peanut snacks since we have several children and one staff member with severe allergies. We need to be fully informed of any special diets.

What does my child need to bring on the first day of afterschool?

Your child will need a lunch and a change of clothes. We provide an afternoon snack. All medication and consent forms must be in our possession prior to the first day of school. If new medications are needed during the year, be sure to fill out a new form as needed. All medications must be in the original container, labeled with the child's name, expiration date, dosage, etc. and be accompanied by the medication consent form. The first dose of medication must be given by the child's parent/guardian before CCC staff is allowed to administer it.  

What is the best way to reach afterschool if I have more concerns?

The best form of communication is to email Glenn MacEachern, our executive director, at gmaceachern@cccnewton.org. Also, the Upper falls phone number is (617) 965-6434, but this method is not the most efficient during the summer or outside of afterschool hours. Please DO NOT call the school office for afterschool questions and concerns. Although we collaborate very closely with the school staff, we are actually a separate organization. 

How and when do I pay my child's tuition?

Tuition payments are made on a quarterly basis. Our bookkeeper, Laura Davis, will send out first quarter invoices in August. Please bring in your payments, or email them to: CCC, 191 Dedham St., Newton, MA, 02461. For all billing concerns, Laura's email is lsdavis@rcn.com. Write the reason for the check (extra hours, tuition, etc) and your child's last name, if different from yours, in the memo section of the check.