Field Trips and Other Special Events 2017-2018!

Older Kid Adventure Club


Septembe harlestow arborwalk 

al h tate-of-ar enin layground! 


Octobe ale itc useum 

njo om pook tuff! 


Novembe cotarium 

ear bou h nvironmen u ay! 


Decembe hoppin ri aneui all 

odle n aboodle hoos rom! 


Januar ou as tat ous n trol cross  

osto ommon tarbuck o o ocoa! 


Februar aunc rampolin ark 

e om hysica un! 


Marc u n ame rcad n ase ag 

rin lon ee ye! 


Apri rnol rboretum 

ee a ore? 


Ma alibu oin tat ark, ockport 

t’ eautiful!! 


Jun evereu each, arblehead 

ooray!! h eac!! 


Other Special Events

  • Martial Arts every Monday

  • Halloween Party- October 24th, 2017

  • Thanksgiving Feast- November 21st, 2017

  • Ski Pre-fit/ Holiday Shopping (4th and 5th grade)- December 12th, 2017

  • Nellie Special Sports Day- TBD

  • C-Side Show- TBD

  • Water Day- TBD